Step by Step

The Cutter Rambles

Most people of my generation have fond memories of ABC’s TGIF lineup on Friday nights.  We’d kick off the weekend by settling in front of the television and watching some sitcoms that were wholesome fun for the entire family.

Over the years, there were a number of shows that served as part of the TGIF lineup, although the ones that are most commonly associated with it are Family Matters, Full House, Perfect Strangers, and Boy Meets World.

But there was another mainstay of the TGIF days that often gets overlooked: Step by Step.

Step by Step was the story of two families that merged when divorcee Frank Lambert married widowed Carol Foster.  The joining of two dissimilar families resulted in some sporadically entertaining hijinks.

For reasons that would take more time to explain than is justified, I own a “Best of Step by Step” DVD.  I’ve taken advantage of this rare possession by reviewing an…

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